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Meals for a 7-Month Old.

Katy McKinleyComment
I’ve probably mentioned before that we’ve been making our own baby foods for Louis and I thought I might share how easy (and kinda fun) the process is.  Bennett is really our gourmet chef, so I’m sure if I’m telling you something incorrectly, he’ll be able to fix what I’ve said.
We went to the grocery store the other day and picked out some new veggies for Lou to try.  He’s already tried carrots, butternut squash, yams and avocados and liked every one of them.  Well…with the exception of carrots, really.  This time we grabbed peas, broccoli and carrots.  Yep, we’re trying carrots again!
Our doctor recommended that we try one new food four days in a row so we can watch if he has any food allergies and know which one he’s having a reaction to.  Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with that yet.  I hope we don’t ever!
  1. We chopped up the broccoli and boiled it until it was tender.
  2. We blended it…adding water every once in a while until the consistency was wet enough to blend.
  3. We divided the servings up into an ice try, let it freeze and then stored the cubes in freezer bags.
It’s as simple as that!!  When we go to feed him, we just take two or three cubes at a time, warm them up in the microwave and give Louis his yummy (and sometimes messy) meal.  He’s liked broccoli so far!!
One happy and healthy little guy.  It’s a money saver and Bennett has really enjoyed being a part of creating his meals.