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Wild Weekend

Katy McKinleyComment

Last weekend was a super amount of fun, to say the least.  We had a mini-reunion with a bunch of my old Best Buy buddies and somehow talked Sierra and Nick into coming from Indiana for the celebration as well.  I probably haven’t smiled and laughed so much in a long time.  It was really great to see everyone and I just hope that we get the chance to do it again soon!

We really enjoyed having Sierra and Nick with us – even if it was only just for a couple of days.  Louis hasn’t seen his aunt and uncle since Christmas so he was really excited that they were here to visit.  He snuggled with Aunt Bug as much as possible, pulled on her hair and made sure to puke on them whenever he had the chance.  (You know it’s love when he pukes on you, haha.)

family storyboard2

Saturday was just beautiful outside, so we took advantage by playing in the front lawn at Willow Glen for a little while.  The dogs certainly enjoyed it, I think it took about five minutes until Maeby was jumping into one of the small ponds that has formed in the creek.  I can’t even imagine how cold that water is but it doesn’t seem to phase that giant dog one bit.

We’ve finally been able to get a nice family photo with the three McKinleys in it.  It’s rare that we’ve got another person around willing to snap a shot of all of us. (It’s also hard to pry the camera out of Bennett’s fingers sometimes, haha.  He’s quite the photographer!)

family storyboard

I plan on having many  more outdoor days in the coming months.  I feel like I’ve been stuck inside for the last seven months (since Louis was born) and it’s really about time to break free.  Come on warm weather!  I know you want to show your face!