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8-Month babies and Stay-At-Home dads

Katy McKinley4 Comments

I figured it was about time I wrote on here instead of just posting a picture of little Lou.  Okay – so I’ll post a picture as well…but it’s not the ONLY thing I’ll do.  Haha.

8 month

Louis turned 8-months old yesterday.  And yes I am (again) wondering where in the world the time has gone.  Before we know it, he’s going to be celebrating his 1-year birthday.  Sigh.  He’s growing up too quickly and sometimes I cannot handle it!  Bennett took this sweet picture of our little one yesterday while I was at work.  He’s not hamming it up too much in this picture but Louis now knows what a camera is an smiles as big as possible whenever he sees one.  Just like his mother, perhaps?

New milestones to celebrate for our little guy besides his age is how much he TALKS.  Ugh.  This kid talks and talks and talks and talks and talks.  He’s mastered the words “Dada”, “Daddy” and “Dad” to the best of his abilities so far.  Bennett is pretty certain that he associates living things with those words because he’s always calling Bennett, myself and the dogs by them.

This video isn’t the best example – but here’s a peek at his babbling

I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone how much I truly appreciate my partner in life.  I’m not trying to be mushy – it’s something that needs to be recognized.  Bennett and I have a bit of a role reversal in which I work and he stays at home with our little one.  Beyond the usual jealousy of not being able to snuggle with sweet little Lou during the day, I think our arrangement is pretty great.

Stay-at-home dads don’t get the recognition that I feel they should.  I hate when people ask Bennett what he’s ‘been up to’ (aka, what do you do for a living) and he takes a breath before telling them.  I don’t think Bennett is ashamed in any way of what he does, I think he hesitates in telling people because he isn’t always sure about the response he will get from them.  Bennett is doing a bigger job than what most men would ever be able to handle and when women do the same thing and stay at home with their children, they don’t have to deal with the negative connotations.  Or at least, not as much.

He changes more diapers, delivers more feedings, soothes more cry sessions and spends more quality time with our son than I do and I think he is simply amazing.  My Mr. Mom is pretty awesome and I hope if there are other families out there willing to try this non-traditional lifestyle that they go ahead and do it.  The bond between my son and his father will be stronger than ever because they’ve spent so much time together during these very important developmental months of his life.

I applaud any parent that chooses to stay home with their little ones.  It’s not as easy as it looks.