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A picture and some videos…

Katy McKinleyComment

I’ve taken a few videos recently that I uploaded to YouTube and then forgot to share with anyone.  So here I go making up for that…

Louis has been a PICKLE HEAD lately.  I mean seriously.  Who knew that a 9-month old would love pickles?  Most of the time, I give him certain foods because I expect some sort of reaction followed by a silly face.  Most of the time, I’m dead wrong and he loves it.  So silly…

Baby Lou loves his pickles!!

As you can see in the video, he has demolished the pickle.  All that was left was the skin and what he wasn’t able to gum off of it.  Too funny.

Another video I find humorous (yes, it involves food again) is one where he was enjoying some orange pieces.  Ugh.  He makes such a mess but it’s so cute that it’s hard to be upset about it.  Louis has also realized that when he’s done with his food, the dogs LOVE his leftovers.  He’s kind of sneaky about it too.  I “think” he’s wanting more…but come to find out, he’s wanting more so he can throw it over the side of his chair and watch the dogs eat it.  What a stinker!

Getting that Vitamin C!

Why are the best foods to give babies when they are learning to eat the messiest??  Someone should rethink that.

And finally – a picture to share.  Bennett took this of Lou on his ‘official’ 9-month birthday.  We take a picture on the 19th of every month so we have a month-to-month comparison of how much he grows and changes.  It’s been fun to see how different he looks (but also slightly depressing because he’s becoming more of a ‘boy’ and less of a baby).  Sigh.  I need to embrace the fact that I can’t stop him from growing up…or I have a very hard life ahead of me.  :)


Love those baby blues!!