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Fathers Day Weekend {2011}

Katy McKinleyComment

Bennett, Louis and I all had another wonderful weekend in Wheeling.  It’s always nice when you don’t really have plans to do anything or go anywhere.  We always end up being busy…but it’s not a stressful busy.  (If you’re wondering…YES.  We did go to the farmer’s market again.  And YES.  We bought more pepperoni rolls.  We can’t help it!)

Yesterday, we had all of the Wheeling family members over to Willow Glen for a Father’s Day barbeque and had a really nice time.  Most of it was spent watching the interactions between Davey, Annie and Louis.  They are ridiculously cute cousins!

I love this picture of Grandma Mary with two of her grandsons.  It’s so sweet.  Does anyone else notice some teeth missing in Davey’s smile?  :)

IMG_8713 copy

Some stolen moments of Mommy and Daddy holding the little guy:

IMG_8716 copyIMG_8725 copy

Annie helped Papa open some of his gifts:

IMG_8718 copy

I don’t want to speak for Bennett (okay, maybe I do) but I think his first ‘official’ Father’s Day went without a hitch.  Good food, family time, lots of snuggles from Louis and good-ish weather made for a great Sunday.

All of this family-together time gets me SUPER excited for the month of July.  Not only will we be with the Brockways and Boltzes during Sierra’s wedding week but we also get to spend time with the Boyles and McKinleys for a week as well.  Yay!  I can’t wait!


In case you were wondering what Louis delivered to his old man for Father’s Day…it was a SMACKDOWN!!  Haha.  I love the picture on the bottom of just Louis, looking so innocent.  What a stinker!

storyboard beatdown

Ooo…a couple more things before I stop rambling!  Louis turned 10-months old yesterday!  (So happy milestone to him!)  And I was lucky enough to drag Aunt Gayle into letting me blog about her for Katy’s Creations “I Made It” Monday!!  Check out this post: "I Made It" Monday {Replica Quilt}.