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Featured Vendor: Saigebrush Photography Props

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I’m so excited that I get to share with you one of my good friends as this week’s featured vendor!  I think she is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met AND she’s the whole reason I even started crocheting in the first place.  So she gets super props this week. :)

Britnee Chase is the mastermind behind Saigebrush Photography and Saigebrush Photography Props.  She is a fellow ‘fiber artist’ along with me – but a knitter by trade.  Britnee has very recently begun fashioning some of the most adorable and amazing couture rolled flower hair pieces and accessories I’ve ever seen.  (And she’s also a genius photographer!  I told you she is talented!)

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If you are a photographer in the market for some props, I’d say that Britnee is the person to get ahold of.  Above are two photos filled with all of her genius: the rolled flower headband, the “Ever After” tutu and the adorable beanie. 

What she makes isn’t just for props, though.  I personally own a few hair pieces and I wear them out in my every-day life.  I’ve actually got one in my hair right now as I type this.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I’ve got something she’s made on!


This is her sweet and spunky daughter, Saige, who is also the model for many of Britnee’s creations. I always look forward to the new things she posts that are available for purchase. :)


I took a moment with Britnee to talk with her about Saigebrush:

K: Where did you come up with the name of your business?
B: The first part was easy (Saige)... but I wanted to somehow twist her name into the rustic feel I wanted to put into my photos.  Somewhere I had seen an article for Sagebrush in a field and stream magazine and thought..."huh....that'll work." :)

K: Which items do you enjoy making the most?
B: That changes everyday.  Some days I can make 15 headbands and clips with ease....some days I don't want to even look at fabric, I just want to knit like a 96 year old woman all day. :)

K: How/where did you learn how to knit?
B: That would be from my grandma.  When I was 11 she finally caved and taught me the simple stitches.  I learned fast but could never figure out how to "back up" if I made a mistake... I would always rip it all out and start over.  (Some things never change. ♥)

K: What inspires you to make your designs?
B: I catch myself choosing colors based on what people are wearing at the time and seasons.  I catch people wearing a lot of bright teal and bright yellow this summer....so most items I have been making hold those colors.

K: What is your favorite part about making/selling handcrafted items?
B: Hands down favorite part is that by doing this I get to stay home with my daughter.  She grows up so fast and this allows me to bring in a little extra cash while spending every minute possible enjoying her company.♥  Reason 2... I go nuts when I see someone wearing something I made or when I see a photo hanging up that I took.  My stomach gets tight and I know my smile reaches from ear to ear.  It makes me proud and excited to see that.

K: What is the one thing in your craft room that you couldn’t possibly live without?
B: Ha.....my craft room.  LOL.  You mean my living room that has been taken over by my "junk" as my husband would call it. :)  The one thing I couldn't live without is probably my rocking chair.  If you're gonna knit.... you better be rocking like an old lady.  I tried making some hats on the couch one night.... Not possible. ;) ♥ Haha.


How can you get your hands on something from Britnee?
Email her: saigebrushphotography@yahoo.com
Become her Facebook fan: www.facebook.com/saigebrushphotographyprops
Check out her photography: www.facebook.com/saigebrushphotography
Go shopping on Etsy: www.saigebrush26.etsy.com
Follow her blog: http://saigebrushphotography.blogspot.com

Whatever you choose to do – show her some love!!  (And let her know that Katy’s Creations told you to!)  Thanks for sharing with us, Britnee!

Are you interested in becoming a featured vendor?  Do you have something you’d like to share with others in a “I Made It” Monday?  I’d love to share what you make with others!!  Send me an email: katy@katyscreations.com