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Morning Giggles

Katy McKinleyComment

I think some of my favorite moments with our little family is when we are in our big bed, snuggling and playing.  It’s just us, no distractions and it is always the best.

This morning was one of those moments.  I was ready for work early enough that I wasn’t rushing around like a mad-woman and we had a mini-ticklefest with little Lou.  I love these pictures and felt like I should share them.

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)

The little guy’s shirt is courtesy of my best buddy Liz.  It says “There’s somebody HOO loves me in Reed City, MI”.  Cute, cute, cute.

This last picture is quite a doozey.  Seriously.  If he were older, I would be getting really dirty looks from Louis about sharing this with everyone.  I seriously laugh every time I see it…so I hope that it helps bring some joy into your day as well. :)  (Look at that double chin!  We must be feeding him well, haha.)

photo 3

I hope you’ve all been surviving the week so far!!  Bennett, Louis, Maeby, George Michael and I are all sending our love to everyone.