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Photo Friday {Momma’s Boy}

Katy McKinleyComment

mommas boy

Okay, okay.  I know that I’m supposed to be only putting up a picture on Fridays, but sometimes I just can’t do that!  Haha.  I had a ‘failure to post’ this week!!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, as I hope everyone else did.  The weather was SUPER hot but I suppose we will take that over super cold weather any day.  Spring was kind of skipped over again this year and I think it’s going to take a while for my body to adjust to the heat.  This fair skinned girl doesn’t always do well in hot weather!!

As far as new developments in Louis’ life, he’s learning how to pull himself up to a standing position quite well.  It’s amazing how strong he really is!  We took this video last night to capture his progress – forgive my high-pitched child’s voice.  (Do I really sound like that??!!)

Sit, stand. Sit, stand.

He likes to grab onto my hands and pull himself up…I swear that I’m not providing much support beyond being something stable for him to use!  Isn’t watching a baby grow and learn incredible?  I never knew it was going to be so much fun!

Also – I thought I’d link you to a post that I put on my Katy’s Creations blog yesterday.  “With a Little Help From my Friends” is a small plea to my friends/family/customers to help those in need right now.  Ever since I ran my ‘Caps for Chemo’ promotion in February, I’ve had a ton of requests to donate hats and such to different fundraising efforts.  I’m only one person and can’t really do too much on my own, so I thought that I could put it out there for my blog readers and see if I couldn’t stir up some more support for these families.

Happy Friday everyone!