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T-Shirt Tote | “I Made It” Monday

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I’m lucky enough to be featuring yet another family member of mine.  It may have been all of that threatening begging that I did. :)

This week is about a fun project that my cousin-in-law has done with her family.  Kerrie has been really generous in her sharing, even to go as far as teaching us how to make these!  She’s a super smart, super crafty lady with incredible ways of making ‘things out of things’.  (A certain blogger/crocheter/crafter I know would call that UPCYCLING!!)  I love what she does and find it inspiring to take something old and not-so-useful and turn it into something amazing.

So what has Kerrie decided to share with us?  T-Shirt Totes!!

kerrie can a #22

Cool right?  Here’s how:

You will need:

  • A heavyweight cotton T-shirt (Youth size XL or Adult S or M)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine with thread
  • Any embellishments you like –  buttons, fabric, jewels, etc.

Kerrie says: “Any T-Shirt will work as long as it is not tattered. In our house, we run races and do triathlons so we have TONS of T-shirts we rarely wear. You can make quilts, halter tops and even pillows out of old shirts, but today we are making tote bags! This is a quick and easy project; you could make a bunch on one rainy Saturday.”

kerrie can sleeveskerrie can neck a 22kerrie can hem 22kerrie can corner 2


  1. Take your T-shirt and lay it flat on a table. Use scissors to cut off the sleeves – cut on the OUTSIDE of the shoulder seams to retain strength.
  2. Cut a half circle out of the neck of your shirt.
  3. Turn the T-shirt inside out and sew it shut along the bottom hem. Reinforce it with another row of stitches to make it stronger.
  4. If you want to get fancy, sew the corners on the hem at a 45-degree angle. This will create a “gusset” which gives it a flatter bottom.
  5. Flip it right-side out. You can get creative and embellish your bag with buttons, jewels, paint ... anything to make it your own. Get the kids involved and make “sleepover” bags! Another option – you could use kid-sized T-shirts for little purses or totes. There are LOTS of possibilities for this quick re-use, recycle activity. Have fun!

Really cute, really easy and so much fun!  I hope someone goes out and tries to make their own t-shirt tote!!  If you do, send me a picture and I’ll share with others what you’ve made.  I’m sure Kerrie would love to see what she inspired someone else to create!

made it monday

A HUGE ‘thank you’ goes out to Kerrie for sharing this with us!!  Thanks cuz!
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