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Boyle Family Visit (Part I)

Katy McKinleyComment

After a wild week in Michigan, we came home just in time for Elizabeth, Jim, Jackson and Thomas to visit with us.  We were sad to see them leave…but a bit relieved that our schedule might finally get back to a regular pace.  We had two weeks full of wild family times and loved every second of it – but it’s safe to say that we are exhausted.  Apparently we are just too old to hack it anymore, haha.

I posted most (all?) of the pictures from Michigan on Facebook so I’m not sure that I need to recap our trip there.  BUT, I figured that I would share some of the fun times that we had with the Boyle family during their visit.  The boys are such a delight to be around and it’s really fun to watch them interact with all of their cousins.  Annie, Davey, Jackson and Thomas all get along so well…it’s quite refreshing to see them play.  All four of them also love on Louis a lot and that’s a trip to watch as well.

I’m calling this post ‘Part I’ because Bennett and I took so many pictures that it’d be way too much of an overload for just one blog post.  Who knew that Bennett and I like to take pictures? :)

We spent a day at Oglebay Park with the entire crew and besides sweating to death (almost literally) we had such a great time.  We went out on the paddle boats, played on the playground, mini-golfed and then went back to David & Meredith’s for some dinner and more play time.  Basically it was as perfect of a Saturday as one could imagine.

Here are some photos from that super fun day:
-- Grandma Mary & Papa, transporting Annie around on the paddle boats. The “rules” read to keep at least one boat length away from the fountain, but it was too hot not to crowd around it and try to get some of the mist. :)


--Batman (aka Louis) relaxing in his stroller.


--Jim & Thomas taking a break from the direct sun.


--A nice picture of Mary & David.  Again, in a shaded area.  Haha.  I can’t remember experiencing a summer as hot as this.


--I asked Davey, Thomas and Annie to smile.  This was the result of my request:


--David, Jackson and Davey played a bit of basketball when we returned to the house. 


--I very strongly feel the need to post these next two photos.  Simply because I have to explain how strongly the McKinley genes must run in this family.  Bennett has his tongue out EVERY time he concentrates on something.  I wish I could find a picture of it right now just to show everyone.  We’ve begun to notice that Louis (at 11-months) already sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating…as much as a kiddo does at his age.

And now…here are two other McKinley grandchildren.  BOTH sticking their tongues out while concentrating on their basketball game.  How stinking cute is that?!


--And the last little set I’ll post is of Annie and Davey pushing little Lou in his new cart (that was handed down from the kiddos themselves!).  We’ve been so blessed to have such generous family members and David & Meredith have been the most giving people ever.  I’m not sure I could ever thank them enough for all of the baby gear we’ve been given!


And there you have it!  Some super fun pictures of our super fun day!  (Hopefully I will remember to post the next round of photos tomorrow/Thursday.)