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{Out of this World} Birthday Party!

Katy McKinleyComment

I thought I would go ahead and share all of the fun decorations I made for my Louis’ 1st birthday party.  It’s silly to think this, but boys really get the shaft when it comes to fun themes and decorations for parties.  Throw some pink and sparkles into the mix and suddenly you have a little girl’s princess party – but for a boy you need to work at it a bit more.  (Or maybe that’s just the crazy person in me talking, haha.)

The scene for the bash was set with the invitations that I custom made for little Louis.  We decided upon a space themed party because his daddy is convinced that he’s going to be an astronaut when he grows up.  Hey anything’s possible, right? :)


I shared photos with you all the other day from the astronaut cutout that Bennett and I made…but as you can see, we used the same spaceman when we made it.  He was too cute not to use over and over again!

I adore this picture.

Bennett got me a screen-printing kit for Christmas last year and I had been meaning to use it but just never got around to it.  Finally, I put my foot down and made some themed shirts for the shindig.  (Another reason why I love my husband?  He wore matching astronaut shirts without fighting it.  Sweet, right?)

The kit was called EZScreenPrint and was actually very easy and fun to do!  I keep scheming for all of the different things I can screen-print on now.  The starter kit came with a few screens in it, so I have some to practice on before I go big time.  Hehe.

Family photo.  Note the matching tshirts that I made. <3

You can see peeking out behind us, in the above picture, a photo banner and a fabric pennant banner that I made for some of the décor.  I also put together a “Happy Birthday Louis” banner and a “I Am One” highchair sign.  The highchair sign lasted the shortest amount of time.  Just imagine what an inquisitive little boy’s hands that are covered in cake and frosting can do to a paper sign. 

It was worth it.

One of the signs I made for the event.

The photo banner was one of my favorite touches.  We’ve taken a picture of our little on the 19th day of every month since he was born.  It was a fun way of having true photographic evidence of his growth and development – and turned out to be a really sweet decoration to hang up on display.

I wish I'd taken a better picture of this...we printed pictures of Louis from the 19th of every month since the day he was born and hung it up as a banner.

The fabric pennant banner was really made with his ‘cake smash’ photos in mind.  I wanted to have his blue and green space theme shown even while he was making a mess of himself and overloading on sweets.  Silly me, I didn’t iron the pennants so they are a bit wrinkly but I think it’s to be forgiven.


Here’s one of the only pictures I got of the highchair sign.  It was noble in idea, but just didn’t work out so well once executed.  Cute, nonetheless.

King Louis.

I wanted to play up the theme as much as possible, so I carried it throughout all of the food that we served that day as well.  I’ve apparently got a lot to learn about ‘boy things’ – I had the hardest time coming up with space themed words.  Feel free to borrow any of these ideas if you decide to throw an “Out of This World” birthday bash.

IMG_5134IMG_5135Yep...even the silverware had their own decorations.IMG_5136IMG_5137IMG_5138IMG_5139

The one thing I’m bummed that I didn’t get enough pictures of (besides the guest attendees) was the cupcakes.  When we got married, my mom made darling cupcakes for our wedding and from that, we inherited [stole] a cupcake stand that I use all of the time now.  If only I could go back to the party day and re-take all of the moments/elements that I somehow missed.

I will leave you with one more photo.  My little brother might kill me for sharing this, but it’s the only picture I have of someone wearing the party hats that I made.  Sorry Kaden!  I couldn’t resist. :)


The party hats were SO SUPER easy to make!  If I can figure out how to share my template, I will do so in a future post.  It’s so much fun to have that little added touch of homemade goodies.