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When the lights go out…

Katy McKinleyComment

During my Wednesday night viewing of awesomely bad TV, our power decided to shut off.  Blerg.  It was around 8:30 and DARK, DARK, DARK.  The good thing is that I have a husband always prepared to jump into ‘survival mode’ and he went and hunted down all of our candles and flashlights while I tried to entertain our little one.

My entertainment abilities weren’t needed much after the candles were lit, however.  Louis has a fascination with flickering fire.  I think he gets it from his semi-pyromaniac father.  (When we lived in Michigan, Bennett had a bonfire in our backyard almost every night…)

Louis seriously tried to blow the candles out for the majority of the time we were using them.  At one point, I thought he might get light-headed from all the work he was doing.  It was really cute and I’m glad Bennett was able to take this video.

Unfortunately, our night wasn’t fun the entire time.  We called our power company and they said that we’d be back on around midnight.  Mary offered to let us stay at their house but we thought that we’d be better off hanging at home.  AEP (our power company) lied…those turkeys!  We didn’t get power back on until around 5am, which meant a lot of snuggling in bed for the three of us to stay warm. 

I’m sure people have survived worse.  And I’m just glad that it wasn’t in the dead of winter.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again anytime soon!