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Chalkboard Gift Tags | Tutorials

Katy McKinley1 Comment

After this post, you’ll surely realize that I’m super obsessed with chalkboard paint lately.  (I’ve even got another project that’s half-completed that uses it as well…)  This time around, I decided to make some fun, unique and reusable gift tags for my Christmas presents this year.  I hope they don’t disappoint!

Gather your supplies for this project.

I again used the same can of Krylon chalkboard spray that I had from my chalkboard frame project.  For the tags, I found small wooden snowflake cutouts at my local craft store for $0.10 per flake!  Super cheap!  (And super awesome.)


I might have mentioned it before, but this paint is pretty potent.  I would recommend spraying it only in an open room with plenty of ventilation.  Someone I know {myself} should have listened to this advice.  I’m not the greatest when it comes to using this kind of stuff – I tend to get things everywhere.  That is exactly why my husband set me up with a dog food bag that was cut in half, haha.  He said that I could spray generously, make a mess and then we could wrap it all up and dispose of it properly.  He knows me too well, I think.

For them to be tags, I needed a hole for the string to be able to be threaded through.  This is where my husband came into play.  In about five minutes, he’d used his dremel and given me the desired functionality that I was going for.


Then the spraying began!  Do you notice some puppy chow particles in the left photo?  Haha. 


{Two coats of chalkboard spray is best.  Make sure you cover the front and back of each tag pretty generously and allow them to dry before spraying the extra coat.}

Snatch up a piece of chalk or some chalk pens, string a piece of ribbon/twine/yarn/string through your hole and tie it onto the package for your loved one.  Voila!  You’ve now got yourself a totally awesome and reusable gift tag! 


And if any of you remember me talking about buying a few yards of burlap without a plan – I’ve finally come up with something to do with it.  I’m forgoing the traditional wrapping paper and sending out all of my gifts wrapped in burlap, twine and chalkboard tags.  I figured it was either that, or I’ll have this burlap laying around my house for another couple of years. :)

Happy crafting!