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Christmas with the McKinleys!

Katy McKinleyComment

This was the first year that we have celebrated Christmas in our own home, with a baby and to it’s fullest extent.  In the past, we’ve traveled to Michigan as well as had Christmas at Bennett’s parents but we thought it was only fair to give Louis holidays at home from now on.  I will admit that I missed being around my Michigan family…but we will be doing a Christmas celebration with them in February so not all is lost. :)

Louis helped us put out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve before we went to bed.  If you’ll notice our sweet little monster in the picture to the right, he wouldn’t stop lunging at the plate of goodies for him to eat himself.  We also left out some chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the reindeer to enjoy.  We figured that they get enough carrots and celery…we wanted to bribe them to come back next year with some sweets.


The scenario was oddly familiar the next morning as well.  Haha.  Louis received a nice note from Santa, thanking him for the goodies – but he bypassed that bit of information and headed straight for the remaining sweets from our North Pole visitors.  What a turkey!


Santa treated our family well by filling our stocking with some great goodies.  Maybe next year he will lay off of the generosity of chocolates because Mommy has been eating too many since she received them in her stocking.


Everybody kept asking if Louis liked opening his gifts or not.  Really…we got him to pull apart the wrapping paper a few times but it wasn’t the highlight of his interest.  We made the mistake of dumping out all of the dog’s toys from Santa around Louis and the only thing our little monkey wanted to do was play with the balls and stuffed animals that they had received.  Lesson learned, I guess.

One of my favorite things that we got for Louis this year was: a BALL PIT!!!  It is seriously the most awesome thing in our living room right now.  I’m so glad that Louis ended up responding so well to his new play area.  I saw it online and just knew that it had to be an addition to our home.  And perhaps some adults are able to enjoy it too…


After our own small-family shenanigans, we went over to Meredith & David’s house for some brunch with the rest of the Wheeling McKinleys.  The food was delicious, as always…and we enjoyed spending time with everyone on Sunday morning.  Amy & Max flew into town and we got to continue the Christmas celebrations on Monday as well.  It’s impossible to say that we didn’t have a family filled, amazing holiday weekend.

We hope that everyone else was able to enjoy time with their families and loved ones as well!!  Happy Holidays!!