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Reindeer Cookies | Tutorials/Craft Ideas

Katy McKinleyComment

As promised yesterday, here is a fun and easy idea for some really cute Christmas cookies.  And when I say easy…I mean EASY!

Items to collect:

  1. Your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
  2. A girlfriend/family member/significant other that will indulge in your silly ways.
  3. M&M’s (preferably the Christmas bag filled with green and red).
  4. Mini pretzel twists.


I chose to ‘cheat’ a little bit and bought some ready-made dough.  I didn’t have time to make any dough ahead of time and let it sit in the refrigerator over night…so I headed over to my local grocery store and picked up some ready-to-go stuff.  My recipe tastes better but a cookie is a cookie, right?  They’re all sugary deliciousness in the end. :)

I also recommend wearing a super cute apron.  Don’t have one?  Head on over to Surely Girly Designs (she happens to be one of my awesome friends) and she’ll hook you up.  Her retro aprons are TO DIE FOR.


Slice the dough into 1/4” pieces and create an ‘oval’ shape.  Place two green M&M’s where the eyes would go, and a red M&M nose near the center.  Then take two pretzel twists and place at the top of the head, for antlers.  Feel free to be creative, too!

My partner-in-crime (the lovely Brittany Peters) was creating reindeer versions of all of the people that were about to indulge in these yummy cookies.  She even made one that looked a lot like the Grinch’s dog, Max.  Too cute!


Lay them out, bake them as your recipe calls for it, TRY to wait until they fully cool and then enjoy!  They are just cute enough to bring to any party you might be attending this winter.  People will go ga-ga over them, I’m almost certain!


Do you have a cute cookie/treat you’d like to share?  Send me an email (katy@katyscreations.com)!!  I’m always looking for new fun things to try!!