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Sleepy Eating

Katy McKinley1 Comment

I am seriously embarrassed to admit how much time and effort it actually took to get this video ready for sharing.  Our camera outputs HD videos in a format that I’ve never had to use before and my old video editing software wasn’t capable of handling it.  {Plus, I spent a good 30-minutes trying to troubleshoot it not having sound, when really the headphones were plugged into the computer.}

Louis is still on a one-a-day nap schedule and it’s not because we put him down…it’s because he still needs it.  He wakes up at 7/8am, crashes around 1-ish every day and sleeps for about an hour and then parties like a rock star until 10pm or later.  We’ve tried to cut out his naps and get him to bed earlier but he’s what I like to call a FREAK.  Our little man is an energizer bunny to the extreme. :)

Yesterday, he evaded his nap somehow.  We knew it would be an issue for his schedule but we did everything in our power to keep him going until bedtime.  The video below is another bit of hilarity that I will cherish forever.  Enjoy.

We tried to lay him down after this but of course, he suddenly became bright eyed & bushy tailed.  And then we didn’t get him to bed until Bennett and I just couldn’t stay up any longer.  Sometimes I wish he’d go to bed when other children do…but I’m also very glad that I get those extra hours with him.