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Davey’s Birthday Party: Part I

Katy McKinleyComment

[I went to share all of these photos and then realized I don’t have any edited of the birthday boy, his friends and the activities they participated in.  Clearly, I’ve got Louis on the brain more than I thought I did.]

Davey turned a whopping EIGHT years old this weekend!!  Can you believe that the sweet little nugget that used to tell Bennett to “cut your hair hippie!” is approaching double digits as rapidly as he is?  Oy vey, where does the time go?  The party was luau themed and Meredith was true to form with her cute decorations and favors – she rocked it!

Here’s the Congressman enjoying a brew on the super gorgeous day we had in Wheeling.

My incredibly dashing husband doesn’t think he takes good pictures.  I beg to differ.

Doesn’t Annie look super sweet?  Well – she kind of always does.  But she somehow tops herself every time we snap another picture of her.  She’s so pretty!

Meet my son: the super tourist.  Haha.  It’s one of the few moments where a Hawaiian shirt is admissible.  He seriously cracks me up.

“Hey Bennett…let’s get a picture together.”  Yep, aced it.

Grand taught Louis how to a play a little ball.  It was very sweet and she got a few hits off of his throws!  Maybe one day Lou will be an all-star baseball player like his cousin Davey.

Why not leave you with some more pictures of our little stinkpot?  He’s too cute NOT to take pictures of, in my opinion.  I mean, seriously.  Who can resist that face?

I do plan on getting some photos edited and displayed that have people other than Louis in them. :)  I’ll give it a good ole’ college try, I will!!