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Wheeling Park | Louis & Grandma

Katy McKinleyComment

We stopped by to see Mary after work on Monday and walked over to Wheeling Park with fish food in-hand.  Louis enjoys throwing things, we figured he’d like feeding the fish as well.  Obviously it was a winner.

The ducks seemed to be more interested in the food, to be honest.  But Louis liked it all the same.  He kept digging his chubby little hand into that baggie to get as much throwing items as possible.  He makes a “quack” sound that we kept trying to drag out of him to show Grandma, but he never seems to do what we ask.  (I hear that’s a growing trend with children, haha.)

There was a momma duck with some babies on one side of the pond.  Holy cow, did Louis want to go meet all of them.  The momma let us get pretty close, but you could tell she was uncomfortable with her visitors so near her babies.  You can see in the photo below that Bennett had to literally hold Louis back so he wouldn’t have a battle with a momma duck.

I’d say that both little little man and his grandmother appreciated the time spent together.  After the food had all been thrown, we sat on the edge of the water and threw rocks into the pond.  I’ve probably mentioned before that rock throwing is Louis’ favorite pastime.  I never knew that I would be spending so much of my life throwing rocks – it’s actually very therapeutic. 

Hello??!!  Aren’t these pictures of these two [three if you count the duck] to die for? :)