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Meet Bennett | Movember

Katy McKinleyComment

November 1st kicks off “Movember”!!  October was for breast cancer awareness, November is officially for men’s health.  This is the second year that my husband has donated his appearance, in efforts to raise some money with Movember & Sons.

The rules are hilarious and the cause is just.  He is even taking it one step further and getting rid of his long, curly locks and going completely clean shaven, starting November 1st. 

This month will include some new mustachioed shirts, cards and other gear in my Etsy shop.  Giveaways are a big possibility.  {wink, wink} And pictures detailing the progression of my once-hairy husband and his moustache growing attempts will be documented.

If you’re interested in joining his Bushmen of G Team, by all means PLEASE DO!!  Donations are certainly welcome and encouraged all month long.  Here is Bennett’s personal donation page: http://us.movember.com/mospace/2172364

HAPPY MOVEMBER to all of my mo brothers and sisters!  Get growing!


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