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Being a parent isn’t an easy job.  We do the best we can…but sometimes it’s a constant uphill battle.  It’s hard to change your not-so-great habits and put into effect some better ones.  Lately we’ve been very aware that we have the TV on just a bit too much and we’ve been trying to make strides to have it off more.  It’s hard when you have a little one that is awake as long as you are.  And it’s cold outside.  And it gets dark at 5:00.  (Sigh…winter blues already??)

We like to have music on all of the time.  Right now, we have been playing a lot of Christmas tunes.  And we’ve been totally hipster-ing it up with “A Very She & Him Christmas” on vinyl.  Hello?  Zooey Deschanel AND Christmas music?  So super sold, its not even funny.

Louis is gaining more and more interest in books.  Not as much for having us be able to read an entire one to him…but he really likes to hold them and “read” himself.  Bennett captured some beautiful images of him doing just that.  They were too sweet not to share.

I was in this kind of moody, black & white mindset when I edited these.  Can you tell? :)

A big thanks to cousins Davey & Annie for passing down some new reading material for the Lou-dog.  He’s been very interested in the Disney Pixar books that they gave him.  He likes to look at the pictures on the box and tell me what each character is: Fish (Finding Nemo), Horse (Toy Story), Robot (Toy Story2), Bug (A Bug’s Life), Monster (Monster’s Inc). 

I used to be a huge reader when I was younger.  To this day, my parents still tell these horrible stories about how I didn’t know how to get anywhere because I was always reading in the car instead of paying attention to where we were going.  My obsessive reading kind of fizzled once I hit college and my time and priorities made a huge change.  Hopefully I can be inspired by Louis’ interest to start reading again myself.  Maybe that’s a good new years resolution??