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Batman Valentine | Free Printable

printableKaty McKinleyComment

I had a tiny crush on my Superman Valentine (found here) so I decided to create another card for fans of another superhero.  This time it was the Caped Crusader…although I had a hard time picking who the love interest should be, or what it should say.  If you have better ideas, PLEASE tell me!  Catwoman strikes me as one of the sauciest gals, so she was my pick.

As I did the last time, I created an easy download for you.  Click on the photo below and it’ll take you straight to the site.  Easy, right?

It was created as a quarter-fold card and would look quite lovely on some cardstock paper – although it’s completely up to you how you want to print it.  Obviously this wasn’t meant for your child to hand out at school, I was hoping to create some fun printables for you to give to your geeky, cartoon loving {adult} sweetie.  Me-ow!

Feel free to pin & share as you’d like!  This is just another freebie gift from me to you. :)