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Honesty (and pictures of Lou)

Katy McKinleyComment

I’d like to think that I’m a very passionate person.  Which, in theory, sounds like a good thing.  But in practice, it’s hell.  I feel for everything.  Not just feel….but I FEEEEEEEL.  My eyes well up with tears on a daily basis because of things that I care deeply for.  It could be related to something as simple as Louis calling windmills ‘bootiful’.  It could also be something as big as granting basic, human and equal rights to people that haven’t exactly experienced equality in their lifetime.  Either way…I’m fighting back tears over it.

When all of these things that I’m deeply passionate about rise to the surface around people that might not necessarily know what I’m ‘about’, it takes basically every ounce of my being to keep it under wraps.  Politics and parenting are hot buttons of mine.  You can save my poor husband an earful from me if you just refrain from talking about anything other than light, fluffy stuff.  He will most likely thank you later.  Haha.

Anyway…I’m not sure where I was going with that.  It’s just that sometimes I want to write a status on Facebook “educating” the masses and then I have to stop and tell myself that it won’t change anything.  People aren’t going to be like, “Oh, THAT’s the way of the world?  I never knew until I read it on Katy’s status!”  I wish it worked like that.  Maybe I should make a private Facebook account with no friends just so I can fill it with snarky statuses and make myself feel better.  Meh.  I just need to learn how to let things roll off of my shoulders easier.  Or to maybe counteract with a billion mega-watts of positivity.  I’ll make efforts for both.

So this isn’t a rambling post full of nonsense from me, here are some cute pictures of LouisBug.  Even pouty, the kid is a heartbreaker.  And the tongue?  SO BENNETT!  Gah!  He is so much like his daddy anymore, it kills me.  People always tell me how much Louis looks like me but I think he’s slowly becoming his father.  They share so many traits!

And what’s with the rubber-band, you ask?  (I can hear you asking me that!  Haha.)  It’s just his thing.  We get a rubber-band around our mail every day and one day he did this over-the-nose thing and that was that.  He puts it on his nose and under his chin and then opens and closes his mouth, to let it expand/contract.  We don’t stop him…we just let the kid do his thing.  What’s the harm, ya know?  The only thing it’s cost me is a few explanations to those witnessing his slightly-bizarre habit.  I’m glad Bennett got a photo of him doing it so we never forget his silly antics at 2-years old.