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The Lorax: Baby Shower

Katy McKinleyComment

I don’t usually toot my own horn too much…but ‘toot, toot’!  This past weekend was my little sister’s baby shower and I seriously had so much fun with the decorations, foods and gifts for her.  Sierra’s nursery is Dr. Seuss themed (you can see pictures here) so it only made sense to have her shower themed that as well.  I decided to stick with one book, rather than Dr. Seuss it up with all of his masterpieces.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull it off by having too many books to cover.

Naturally, I chose The Lorax.  It’s bright, colorful, environmentally aware, has fun moustaches and had enough things I could work from to tie it all in.  Beware: you are about to be overloaded with pictures.


  • I tried to stick with the basics.  You can’t let yourself go all over the place.  Most everything was orange, yellow or green…with an additional color thrown in every once in a while.  I was worried that The Lorax and his moustache wouldn’t be girly enough, so I made certain to include pops of pink here and there.

---THE FOOD---

  • Barbaloot Bear pops.  Super easy and cute!!
    • Mini doughnuts as the base.
    • Brown frosting for the “glue”.
    • M&M noses.
    • Candy dot eyes.
    • Oreo halves for ears.
    • Note to self: mini-Oreos would have been much better for this project!

  • Multi-colored goldfish.
  • Yummy fruit.
  • The most ah-mazing cookies from The Honey Hole bakery in Wheeling, WV.

  • Popcorn in the ridiculously cute Lorax popcorn boxes.
  • Sherbet punch, served in milk bottle style glasses.
    • If you’re like me and don’t want to front the money for actual milk bottles, buy yourself some Starbucks Frappuccino drinks (you can find them everywhere!), soak the bottles in water to remove the labels and take a little acetone to the print to remove it from the bottles.  Tada!!
    • You can find these paper straws in Little Free Radical’s Etsy shop (here).


  • Truffula Trees
    • These seriously only cost me around $0.75 each.  Seriously!
    • A wooden dowel rod (that I wrapped in washi tape to give more color).
    • Crepe paper that was accordion-style folded and then stapled together to create a big circle.

  • Lorax Moustaches
    • You can use this template (here) and create your own!
    • I used simple lollipop sticks for the handles and hot glued those bad boys on.

  • Felt Cloud Banner
    • I wanted something Sierra could possibly use in her nursery for wall décor.
    • Cut 20 clouds out of felt (two for every cloud you’re making), machine stitched two together.
    • Fill them with a little fiber fill and stitch closed.
    • String on ribbon/twine/anything of your liking.

  • Favor Bags
    • I went the easy route and filled these with candy and a pair of earrings from my shop.
    • Kraft paper bags with the same Lorax moustaches that were on a stick.
    • Hot glue on the google eyes and orange pompom noses.
    • Woohoo!  You’ve got yourself an adorable bag!

  • Truffula Tree t-shirt
    • I found {this} cutout and created a maternity shirt for my sister.
    • Side note: she’s totally gorgeous, right?  Eep!  So cute and preggo!!

  • Grass
    • I found a few bags of crinkled, green paper that I used to give dimension and texture to the things on the table.  I feel like it really added to the depth of everything.  It also added to the mess and the cleanup, haha.


These were obviously sent out well before the shower, but I thought I’d share regardless.  Sierra had this on her refrigerator and I happened to snap a picture of it.  I made these before I’d decided upon just The Lorax as the theme but I think they were fitting for the shower.





Only because I feel like they were too cute not to share, here are a few of the items that I made for my niece-to-be, Delilah.  My brother-in-law Nick is a HUGE Cowboys fan and I just knew that half of the clothes were going to be pink and the other half purple.  I wanted to make sure he got something that he’d be willing to dress his daughter in.  {Oh…and I found the pattern to the football helmet here.}







I couldn’t help but add more purple into the mix.  Do you spy the fabric bow (in a mini-size??) on the hat?  I’m thinking there might me more of these in the shop soon.  It turned out super cute!

My favorite item was the Lorax in hat form.  Agh!  I can’t wait to see her tiny little noggin covered by this.  I’m really looking forward to taking pictures of Sweet D in these tiny little clothes.  She’ll be rockin’ Handmade Escapade whether she likes it or not. :)


Okay, okay.  There were more guests than this.  I just didn’t happen to get too many pictures of people (I’m waiting on a picture from my step-mother for a group shot).  I had to even use my backup camera for all of these pictures because my camera wouldn’t turn on when I started to attempt photos.  Seriously?  Why do things like this happen to me? 

And….that’s all folks!!  A HUGE thank you goes out to Molly {you know who you are!!} for helping me put everything together on Saturday and for handling the games, gifts and overall flow of the party.  We’ve planned both Sierra’s bridal and baby shower together now and make a pretty awesome-sauce team, if you ask me.  Thanks Molly!!!