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Being Sick is for the Birds

Katy McKinleyComment
Today was a sick day for me. I've somehow jinxed myself twice now in 2013 alone because I always claim to 'never get sick' and I've been taken out twice now. Ugh. I hate feeling icky. I'm the worst patient ever and I never like to take medicine. I just want to somehow miraculously get healthy without any aid.

I was feeling better-ish by the end of the day and Bennett had to run some errands so I took Louis down to the creek. Where I mostly just sat and made him collect rocks for me this time. 

There were a lot less rocks and a lot more leaf halves handed my way. Whatever works, ya know?

I was just happy to get a little fresh air before the rain started pouring. That...and to see the gorgeous flowering plants everywhere. That never gets old to me. 

 I lurrrrrrrve spring. Love it. Momma Nature, thanks for letting her arrive finally.