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Swingsets & Bubbles

Katy McKinleyComment

I didn’t take any pictures last night (beyond what I posted to Instagram of Louis singing FBB songs to me) so I thought I might post some that I forgot to from last weekend.  Scratch that…two weekends ago.  Whoops.

I bought Louis this baseball hat because I wanted him to have something to protect his sensitive baby blues and fair skin from the summer sun.  I never expected him to love it as much as he does.  He keeps saying, over and over again, that he’s going to play baseball ‘with Annie and Davey’.  He’s in love with his older cousins and wants nothing more than to spend time with them and yet we don’t always have the opportunity.  Soon, Louis.  Soon.

We are within walking distance of a small park that we can venture to every once in a while.  There’s not much there but that’s really no matter because all Lou wants to do is swing on the swingset.  He loves it.  LOOOOOOVES it.

And right next to that playground?  Well – we’ve got a nursery full of amazing flowers, plants and other fun things.  We’ve started {by ‘we’ I mean Bennett} planting indoors already and have a few things growing from seed.  These plants were all put straight in the old basin sink that Bennett’s turned into our planter outside of our front door.  He’s such a green thumb and I’m so not.

And of course…our other main past-time with Louis: bubble blowing.  What’s that quote from Knocked Up?  Something about wishing they loved anything as much as their kids loved bubbles?  Yep.  Exactly. 

Speaking of loving things….Spiderman light-up shoes are the best thing I’ve ever bought Louis is in his entire existence.  He fricken loves those things.  When he puts them on, he thinks he has the super power of being super fast.  And then he runs everywhere and talks about it forever.  It’s crazy adorable.

And most people we come across are envious of light-up shoes.  Remember those LA Gear ones from the 90’s?  Do they make them in adult sizes?