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Amanda + Andy | The Photos

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I’m blogging their wedding on my site (rather than Bennett’s photography blog) because I decided to steamroll this collection and explain Amanda & Andy’s big day in my own way.  There are a lot of photos about to hit you, so I’m sorry if your browsers can’t keep up.  I don’t know what to tell you.  I couldn’t limit myself.

When we were asked to photograph their wedding, I almost died.  I was so excited but nervous at the same time.  It’s one thing to be entrusted with a stranger’s photos – it’s completely another when you’re doing it for a friend.  A&A are such sweet people and we couldn’t have been more honored to have been asked to do this very big and important job.

As with all weddings we photograph together, Bennett goes and hangs with the guys while they’re “getting ready” and I go with the girls.  I put that in quotations for the guys because really, they’re sitting around drinking beer and watching some sort of sporting event and the girls are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get all gussied up.

Luckily, it was not the case with the laaaaadies.  Amanda was THE MOST laid back bride I’ve ever seen.  She was way more casual than I was too, and I thought that I was pretty calm on my own wedding day!  The bridesmaids all pampered each other, by helping with hair and makeup…and drank plenty of mimosas during the prep-period.  It was super casual and really fun to be with them.  I was even forced into a mimosa or two by the bride herself.  Perfect way to start the day’s events.

So maybe the boys weren’t just drinking beers and watching a game.  We do have photographic evidence that they were carrying chairs and setting up the entire ceremony site.  I’ll give them that much. :)

I love that Andy shaves with a straight razor.  He suddenly just became way cooler than I’ll ever be.

Once the girls were make-up, hair and dress ready – we hit the limo.  And I got to ride along too!  I basically felt like I was a bridesmaid…but the one who didn’t wear the right dress so she didn’t get included in the formal pictures.  That troop of sassy gals sure made a girl feel at home.

^^See what I mean?  Straight up sass.  They totally rocked this shot.

I’m fairly certain that the boys were still getting dressed as we pulled up in the limo.  I doubt that anyone expected a bride and six bridesmaids to show up on time…and they certainly didn’t expect them to be early.  So there.  Girls rule, boys drool.  I said it. :)

Bennett shot the shoe picture and I’m glad he did.  It’s one of those details that might have been forgotten down the line but worth remembering for the silly aspect of it.  Dan (one of the groomsmen) was given two right shoes.  Hysterical!  He was able to trade with one of the wedding guests…who was walking around the rest of the day in Dan’s tennis shoes and his suit.  Haha.

Let’s please pause and take in this ultimate father/son moment.  I die.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just like I like it.  They were married with a red covered bridge in the background in this very pretty park in Pennsylvania.  It was gorgeous and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.  Not even if you’d paid Mother Nature herself some extra money to get it that way.  It was warm but not hot and sunny.  Ugh.  Take me back!

Sappy but true: the love between these two amazing people really comes out in everything they do.  It’s never been forced and I’ve never questioned it once.  There was no pressure for perfection about their wedding and neither of them got stressed out.  It was truly about love, family, friends and one big party.

Don’t you just love their location?  Under a big tree?  Right in front of a red bridge.  And of course…again with the perfect weather.  Beautiful people, ceremony and love.  (Weddings really make me a giant sap.)

Oh my gosh – I LOVE the Pustay and Tejada families.  They made my life so easy during all of the formal shots.  How is it possible that there are so many nice people in this group?  I was moving them around about every five second, they were standing in direct sunlight and they were total sweethearts.  Can I be inducted into both families as well?  Take me, take me!

PS – bridal party?  Super fun people!  Amanda had sent me ideas of photos that she wanted to include in their collection and we were able to get a few of them in.

DISCLAIMER:  It was sooooo not our idea to hang a groomsman from his legs over the side of the bridge.  They wanted to do something fun and he volunteered with the logic, “What’s the worst that could happen?  I break my wrist?”  Haha.  Yes.  That sounds pretty bad to me.  But do it to it, buddy.  We will be there with our cameras. :)

The reception was fabulous.  And seriously so much fun.  The dance floor was never empty (Amanda’s brother was leading these awesome dance ensembles) and there was just so much laughter and fun the entire time.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I really enjoyed myself.  A lot.

If you could only see the mischief on the faces of these lovebirds when they were cutting the cake, there was NO DOUBT in your mind that there was going to be some cake smashing.  And there was.  I’m not sure who got who worse…but maybe in the name of love we could call it a draw.

And yes.  The first dance.  I couldn’t get enough of the twinkly lights above them.  So romantic.

This is the second wedding now that we’ve brought a chalkboard to and I think I will continue to do it as long as the bride and groom are agreeable.  These aren’t all of the photos, of course (because I’m already including too many in the longest blog post known to mankind) but you at least get the gist of it. 

It’s a chance for the wedding attendees to get in pictures AND send a special message to the bride and groom.  Most end up being inside jokes that I don’t get…but that’s great.  Because these pictures aren’t for me.  And I don’t question the thought behind them whatsoever.

The story is that Amanda & Andy fell in love on Valentine’s Day in 2008 while they were attending an anti-Valentine’s Day party.  This is my best friend Jessie who is stunning, intelligent, self-sufficient and single.  Gentleman – if you’re not a total creeper or turdball, I’ve found you the perfect girl!!  (Haha, love you Jess!)

The garter & bouquet toss went as planned.  I love the difference between girls and guys when this happens.  Men have to be forced to go and stand up there and pretend that they want to catch it.  Or pretend that they don’t want to catch it.  Either way.  The girls, however…the girls are ruthless.  Elbows, body checking and high jumps.  You’d think we were at a sporting event. :)

The victors:

And now I will leave you with a bunch of pictures and not so much talking.  This series is riddled with a lot of photos of me.  But guess what?  It’s my blog damnit, and I’ll do as I wish! :)  Haha.  Enjoy!

I will respectfully say that Dan Elko is the best and most professional photo bomber ever.  Congratulations sir, I bow down to you. 

No wedding is complete without a circle of friends belting out ‘County Roads’.  It is an indisputable fact.  My favorite part of this was watching one of my dear friends (Kristin) crying and getting all weepy during this John Denver classic.  I think it just made her a little mushy about the fact that our group was back together again, getting into shenanigans and making new memories.  We’ve all dispersed to various parts of the states but make our way back together every once in a while for some reunited madness.  I love my BBY crew.  Forever and always.

Andy…Amanda….please have another wedding in around 5 years.  I’d love to do this again.  It was the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.  Love you both dearly!  And congratulations on your newlywed status.  Milk that for the next 11 months like you’re supposed to. :)