Wild & Wanderful

To the creek!!

Katy McKinleyComment

Weird.  More pictures by the creek.  Whodathunk?

Bennett and I are constantly saying that we basically have our own, personal park to play in…so why not take advantage of it?  The weather has been a balmy 85+ the last few days but that didn’t stop us from filling a cooler with some ice, beers, apple juice and fruit to snack on.  Lovely.

Louis really wanted to take his submarine for a ride in the creek and we happily obliged.  It hardly stood a chance at actually making it any further than where we stood because the water is so shallow.  Hey…it was still fun for him to throw it in and try.  And clearly you can only properly play with a submarine in the creek if you’re wearing a superhero cape and mask.

If I didn’t like drinking beer so much, I wouldn’t have to try so hard to exercise the calories away.  And if I didn’t like drinking only super dark, bitter porters and stouts…I would only have to try half as hard as I currently do.  Unfortunately, I can’t turn back now. 

As if we don’t already get called beer snobs, we can’t drink our beers straight out of the bottle.  Well, we could.  But they need that decanter process to happen and they taste better in a glass.  So refined, we are.  ::rolls eyes::

I took this next picture of my snarky-snark husband being a turd.  See that smile?  He was totally making fun of me for something and I wanted to capture the moment so people didn’t think that he’s the “nice one” in this relationship.  Wait.  He’s still the nice one.  Crap.

Even though no one likes a serious picture of me.  EVER.  I’m still posting this one.  So there!

Our little adventurer has given in to the amazingness of being barefoot in the creek.  Halleluiah!  Louis is so weird about always needing to have socks on at all times.  He won’t sleep without them.  We have to put them on his little chubby feet as soon as he’s done with his bath.  They’re on with his sandals.  Doesn’t matter…socks are a key to survival.

But.  Putting your feet in the water is okay.

I tried to take a selfie of me and the hubs.  And I failed.  But it didn’t help that he wasn’t being snarky.  (Too much use of that word?)  I guess I got the most important person in frame, right?  I kid, I kid!

Remember me mentioning we had fruit in our little cooler?  Bennett had packed strawberries and raspberries for Louis to snack on and apparently the raspberries had a little bit of a tart bite to them.  Hysterical.

I’m looking forward to our next outing.  Although the thunderstorms and rain we’ve been getting lately have been a big deterrent in too much outdoor play.  Come on sunshine!!