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Davey Turns 9!

Katy McKinleyComment

Children keep growing up all around us.  It’s a seriously hard pill to swallow now-a-days.  I constantly hold people at a specific age in my memory and then get smacked in the face when I realize that they aren’t going to stay little forever.  For example: my handsome nephew, Davey.  I met him when he was a silly little toddling two-year old.  And now he’s pushing double-digits.  WHAT?  Hold the phone.  He can’t be that old!

Although his actual birthday was earlier in the month of May, his party was this past weekend.  We walked into a wild, loud and high-energy event on Saturday when we showed up to David & Meredith’s house.  Holy crap.

They are still in the middle of baseball season and these boys seemed to not be able to get enough of the sport.  Nine-year-old boys are high octane, sports loving, loud creatures.  What a glimpse into the future for our little guy.

Lucky for us, Louis was fairly happy just playing beanbag toss with Grandma and happily running around, all free-spirited like.  There were a few moments where he tried to play with the big kids and got all mopey because they didn’t want anything to do with him…but he got over it quickly.  (And we didn’t really stay that long because *someone* refused to nap all day and was super tired and beginning to get cranky.)

Meredith never fails to impress with her birthday themes.  Not shocking at all that Davey’s birthday was all about sports this time around.  It’s like having ESPN announcers around you at all times when you’re with Davey: The Human [Sports] Sponge.  He knows insane amounts of facts and stats about every team and every player.  It’s nuts.

After what was THE LOUDEST possible rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, we all dove into the cake.  It was delicious, like usual.  For the birthday boy, I’m sure the presents are the best part of the party.  For the me the guests?  Obviously the cake comes up as one of the leaders.  Birthday cake is my favorite kind of cake! :)

Happy birthday, Davey!  You’re turning into quite the young gentleman.

Louis looks up to his older cousin so stinking much and talks about him all of the time.  This momma/auntie can only hope that they stay close friends throughout life.  The age gap might make it challenging at times, but I’m sure they can handle it.  Right?