Wild & Wanderful


Katy McKinleyComment

Loving.  The weather.  Well, no.  Not really at all.  But the last couple of days have been cooler than the 90+ heat wave we’ve had, along with the humidity levels and I feel like we’ve finally been given a break by Mother Nature.  If we could only go an entire 24-hours without rain, I’d be one happy gal.

Obsessing.  If you’ve seen me anywhere on Facebook/Instagram or this thing called life, it’s pretty stinking obvious.  I can’t get enough of sewing lately.  I don’t know what’s come over me.  I’ve owned a sewing machine since middle school (?) and as of late I can’t seem to pull myself away from it.  Skirts.  Angry Bird plushies {patterns here}.  Pants for Louis.  Pillows.  It’s out of freaking control.

Watching. If you have Netflix you MUST watch ‘Orange is the New Black’.  It is ah-mazing.  Like the newest season of Arrested Development, it’s a Netflix Original series and rocks my socks off.  Viewer beware: it is a bit raunchy.  If you’re not so comfortable with nudity or foul language, it’s probably not for you.  But it’s totally worth the watch if you aren’t too much of a prude. :)

Swooning.  Over these pictures of Louis.  Because he’s ridiculous.  I love that Bennett captured his little twisty-hand thing.  He mostly does this when he’s trying to be extra sugary sweet and get something out of us.  Works, too.  Turkey.

Reading.  I’m not.  This makes me sad.  Hopefully I start reading again.  I used to be such a book worm!

Learning.  To stop being negative about negativity.  I get so upset when I read things that are so full of anger and hatred and in turn I become just as angry/hateful as those people.  My new goals include to avoid comments on WTRF’s news articles and any political pieces I see on Facebook.  Not worth stressing over.

Running.  This hot weather, our lack of central air and my increase of orders online has led to me having even less time to spend in the evening with Louis and Bennett.  I feel guilty when I’m working/doinganythingelse and not giving them my full attention.  Because of that, I’ve felt like my positive strides to a healthier version of myself has really fallen by the wayside.  With a little help from the little sis, we’ve pledged to each other to get up at 5am and start running together.  One in West Virginia, one in Indiana.  Whatever works, right?