Wild & Wanderful


Katy McKinleyComment

Watching.  Dude.  I’d like to consider myself to be a reasonable, intelligent person.  But there are some shows that suck me in and I continue to watch, no matter how horrible I know they are.  Drop Dead Diva and America’s Next Top Model are both at the top of that list.  Lucky for Bennett, I’ve got them both set to record and I watch them in 30-minute intervals while I run on my elliptical in the mornings before work.

Reading.  Not every night.  Not even most nights.  But more and more, we are being able to read a bedtime story with Louis, snuggled up next to him.  Last night I tried but he ripped the book out of my hand and proceeded to read it to me.  In his own hysterical little way.  It mostly involved captioning the things he saw in the pictures – but that worked for me.

Anticipating. My 10-year reunion is coming up very quickly and we are gearing up for our/my trip up north and down memory lane with my classmates.  I’m really looking forward to seeing so many old faces and to be in my old hometown.  I must admit that I’m a little nervous about how it’ll go.  I’ve heard that the 10-year is always the one where people are still trying to prove they’ve done something important with their lives…instead of catching up and enjoying the moment.  Hopefully it isn’t this way with Reed City High School’s ah-mazing Class of 2003!

Loving.  The fact that Bennett and I have both saved (or our parents have saved) things from our childhood that can be brought back to life with Louis.  Some tables and chairs, toys and books are among the list of re-loved items.  Sky Blue (the book Louis is holding in these horribly grainy iPhone photos) was my book from forever ago.  It’s a compilation of stories, my favorite being the one about the girl named Katy who visited her grandmother’s farm for the summer.  I can’t imagine why that’d be a favorite…

Eating.  Local, homegrown/made foods.  As much as we can.  Obviously with a little McDonalds and horrible stuff thrown in there to balance it out.  Bennett has really started enjoying baking bread lately too – so I’ve been wolfing that down by the handfuls.  We’ve even participated in Wheeling’s first ever CSA and LOOOOOVE our box of organic, local fruits and veggies every week.  It is awesome.

Obsessing.  My Nalgene bottle melted in our dishwasher and it was time to look into something new.  So freaking glad I did.  I ended up with a purple 40-oz HydroFlask and it was the best decision I’ve ever made about something to hold my liquids.  Ohmygosh you have to get one for yourself.  I’m not kidding.  It keeps drinks cold for FOREVER and the ice doesn’t even melt.  Seriously!  Get one!  We liked mine so much, we got one in black for Bennett and a smaller 12-oz bottle for Louis.

Panic-Attacking.  My Etsy shop has been blowing up lately.  Like 10+ orders a day, blowing up.  Which is wonderful but also ridiculous and crazy.  I’m trying to find a happy balance between family and work (and work) and I’m realizing that I might be needing to take on an assistant.  Because if I’m this busy in June/July/August, which I would consider to be a non-shopping season…what the hell is going to happen to me in November/December, when people are in a buying frenzy?  I might die.  Or maybe I won’t if I can find my perfect someone to help me along this wild ride.  We shall see.