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Sand, Silly Faces & Birthday Talk

Katy McKinleyComment

With Louis’ birthday party coming up on Saturday, we have been in “prep-mode” for all of the happenings.  Yes, we invited probably too many people.  And yes, I’ve probably gone overboard with the diy projects involved in a 3-year old’s birthday.  But who cares, right?  We haven’t put ourselves into the poor/crazy house [yet] and I think it’ll be a fun time!

PS.  Mother Nature?  Could you please do us a solid and *not* rain on Saturday?  Kthanks.

Louis got an early birthday present yesterday, in the form of a sandbox.  We are planning on using it for a ‘dinosaur dig’ for the kiddos and wanted to have it set up and ready to go.  Plus, it was kind of hard to hide this ginormo thing from prying little eyes.  So early birthday present it is!

Suffice to say, Louis loves it.  He loves playing in the sandbox at the park and now this will save us lazy parents from having to go there, in order for Louis to get his sand fix.  Funny thing…last year when we were at the beach for our family trip, Louis acted like sand was the worst thing ever and wouldn’t go near it.  Now he begs to play in it all the time. 

Don’t you love the yummy light coming from behind Louis and through the trees?  Ahh – fall is near!

I feel like I’ve mentioned before about children of photographers being tough to photograph.  Here is a prime example.  Apparently when two equally sarcastic and free spirited people have a baby, their child turns out like this:

Yep.  He’s my kiddo.  Funny faces and all.

^^I can’t imagine why Louis makes weird faces into the camera.  I don’t know a single other person in my immediate family that heckles me while trying to take photos.  Not one.

Now onto more work for this weekend’s par-tay.  One of my goals is to purge Louis’ insane pile/stash of toys and get rid of a bunch of them.  Looks like the donation bins nearby will have a few more items in them because I can’t possibly see how we can fit more toys in our house than we already have.  People have asked what to get Louis for his birthday and I keep saying he’s got too many toys as-is..that he doesn’t need anything.  But of course, no one wants to hear that.  So it’s up to Bennett and me to clear the way for new things.

Cross your fingers and toes and send well wishes our way.  It’s not going to be easy.  We probably should strategically plan it around Louis’ middle-of-the-day nap so he’s not witness to our binge toy cleaning.  Hmm…