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Boy’s Best Friends.

Katy McKinleyComment

Sometimes I think our dogs view Louis as their annoying younger brother and sometimes they see themselves as his protector.  We are still in the period of life where Louis takes a nap most days and the dogs are crazy attentive to his noises and movement heard through the monitor.  Maeby almost starts heading upstairs before we do when there’s a noise.  And I’m pretty positive that she checks in on him while he’s sleeping.

But then there are moments like these.  When Louis takes his seashell and balances it on their heads.  You know…for a good time.  The annoyed look on these pups’ faces are hysterical to me.  Maeby and George are all ‘seriously kid’?

I’ve probably only mentioned a bazillion times how important I think it is for children to grow up with animals in the house.  I think it teaches a level of compassion for someone a little more helpless than yourself from a really early age.  Louis loves to help get food for them, calls George his ‘best friend ever’ and helps us groom and care for them whenever he can.

Bennett and I find it interesting that the dogs still don’t respond to his commands though.  They won’t come when he calls, move when he demands it or do any of his other crazy commands.  I’m wondering if it’s because they see him as the bottom of the pack, as far as the chain-of-commands goes.  Or maybe they still don’t fully understand words that he uses.

Whatever it is, there’s a [very obvious] mutual love between boy and beast.

And of course, Louis has a lot of love for his Buster.  Whom he now calls ‘Big Buster’ because we wanted to replace his stinky stuffed animal with a new, clean one.  The last trip to Ikea showed that they still had them in stock and we were going to make the original Buster dog disappear.  Except we forgot to do so and now we have Buster and Big Buster living in our home.  Thankfully, Big Buster is the only one Louis really wants for cuddling and sleeping.  So it’s not as big of a hassle as I worried it was going to be.

Seriously, this is probably one of the most beautiful pictures Bennett could have taken of Louis.  Isn’t he stunning?