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Seven. Years. Old.

Katy McKinleyComment

I think every time we attend a birthday party for our niece / nephews, I say the same thing: ‘I can’t believe they are XX years old already.”  And then I instantly feel like an old fart for allowing that statement to come out of my mouth.  But it’s true…all of it!

As usual, Meredith did not disappoint with the party theme and decorations.  ‘Apple of my Eye’?  Hello adorable apples everywhere!  And the game of pinning the apple on the tree was genius.  The kiddos loved it.

Annie’s attempt at putting the apple on the tree was hysterical.  She was almost in the other room before she was redirected back to the tree board.  And even Louis played along and was blindfolded, spun and tested on his apple-placing abilities.  I don’t know why I haven’t stolen this game idea yet…must. take. notes.

When you walked in, the house smelled like delicious, hot apple cider.  But even that amaze-balls smell was hard to pay too much attention to when your other senses were overwhelmed by a bunch of screaming little girls, excitedly running around the house and being little girls.  They were having fun, so that’s all that matters. :)

But seriously, Mere.  Do you have to always be so cute with your decorations?  Gah!

Being an auntie to these kiddos is such an honor.  Seriously.  I just wish we could either pause time so they stop growing up…or somehow add more hours to the day so I get to be around them more often.  And then invent a teleporter so I could see the west coast youngins more often too.  Thank goodness Thanksgiving is coming and it’s providing a couple of days with four of them.  (We will miss you Maxwell!)

Bennett and I sure are proud of the beautiful, smart and sweet young lady that Annie is becoming.  Happy birthday, darling!