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Baby Book or Bust.

Katy McKinleyComment

No joke.  I blogged back in March about getting Louis’ baby book completed.  Here we are in December…..MUCH later than it should be, and I’m still not finished.  Because I lost my drive and stopped working on it.  I thought about how pathetic it is of me to just have this pending in my to-do list without actually “doing” it so I’ve started it back up again.

I’m on month seven.  So some progress, yes?

I downloaded the Baby Edition for Him set to make this book and I really do find the prompts and cards cute and helpful.  Except for the fact that Louis was born over three years ago and I’m having a hard time remembering small details to include as memories.  Which is why I should have done this fricken forever ago.  Sorry Lou!

I’m looking forward to finishing this book and printing it out in it’s 12x12, hardbound glory.  Can’t wait to look through it with Louis many times over.  We’ve also got plans to take all of our iPhone photos and make an iPhoneography style book of just the snappies we take on our phones.  Seriously we have thousands of pictures that we can’t keep on our phone for storage purposes yet don’t print because they’re not high res files worth slapping on our walls.  Time to end that “store it and forget it” trend we’ve put ourselves in and print, print, print.

Come on Katy!  You can do this!