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Fingerprint Necklace | Tutorial

Katy McKinley1 Comment

Need a last minute Christmas gift?  One that also comes from the heart?

Yes?  Let’s do this!

I’ve seen these amazing fingerprint necklaces floating around the Internet lately.  Most of the time, it involves sending your child’s print back to a company that will put this in silver form (for a lot more money than I can afford).  Honestly, I’m sure it’s a great way to go but I am much more prone to DIY style gifts and things that I can make on the fly.  Enter: Katy’s at-home version of fingerprint necklace making.

Please forgive me on my photography skills.  My craft room has THE WORST lighting possible for photos like this.  And I used a lens that wasn’t really set up for picking up the fine details of the fingerprints on these charms.  I promise that you can see the detail, just not in my photos.  I tried!

Things you will need:

  • Oven bake clay.
  • Metallic paint.
  • Clear acrylic paint.
  • Needle.
  • Marker / pen.
  • Jump ring & necklace chain [not pictured].

Make a ball.  Pretty basic, right?  Just roll a small amount of clay in your hands and form a small ball.  The size is up to you.  Well, and up to the size of the finger you’re about to be printing.

This is where your pen or marker comes into play.  I used it as a mini-rolling pin and flattened the ball out to the oval / circle shape that I wanted.  You don’t want to make it too thin.  The clay bakes hard but the thinner it is, I’m sure the more susceptible to breaking it is.  So use your judgment on this.

Will it fit the entire finger of the child you’re making this with?  Yes?  Onto the next step!

Smoosh and roll your kiddo’s finger, like you would if you were being fingerprinted.  Don’t just smash it on flat, start with your finger angled and roll from left to right.  It’ll pick up a better print that way.  I did this a couple of times on a couple of balls of clay before I picked my favorite ones.

Then take a needle and make a generous hole in the top, so you have a place to hook your jumpring.  [I also took the needle and scratched Louis’ initials and the year into the back of it.  But of course I didn’t photograph that part.]

Bake your clay as instructed on the package.  (I believe mine was 275F for 15 minutes.)

Once the clay cools and dries, give both sides a spray with the metallic spray and then seal it with the clear coat.  Obviously let dry before a second coat of paint.  We had to blot excess metallic paint with a napkin in the fingerprint area so it wouldn’t override the details of the print.

Slap a jumpring and chain on the baby once it’s dried and it’s ready to go!

Personally, I love the fact that each one is different.  No matter how much I attempted getting the size of the clay to be the same, the shapes all came out slightly different than the next.  That just means that every single one of them is super unique!

Have more than one kiddo that you want included in this necklace?  I’ve seen hearts made…but we took this route:

Cute, right?  And so stinking easy!  These would make great Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthday or Just Because gifts.  I’m thinking I might make another in gold paint too.