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Louis Says: Cupcake Humor

Katy McKinley5 Comments

Our household can’t seem to go a day (or even an hour?) without some type of bathroom humor.  I guess that’s what happens when you live with two males in your house, and one of them is three.  Lots of poop and fart jokes are always making their rounds – often repeated 34098203980239 times in a row, to the point where the funny runs out very quickly.  Louis doesn’t seem to think the jokes ever stop being anything by hysterical, as I’m sure most boys his age would agree.

Last night this little chocolate-faced monster helped me bake cupcakes.  It’s hard to tell that someone’s Momma let him lick the spoon, isn’t it?  Our treats were the kind with a gooey, chocolate center…I think “lava cupcakes” is what they’re called.  You have to squeeze a dark chocolate filling into them and as I was doing it, Louis shouted:

“Those look like turds!”

Yep.  My delicious, double-chocolate cupcakes were reduced to bathroom humor.  The toddler strikes again.  Gotta love him.