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My heart hurts.

Katy McKinley2 Comments

Maeby has cancer.  Three words I never thought I’d have to say together in a sentence.  And as if the universe is playing an even sicker, more twisted joke on us…she has the canine form of Lymphoma. 

It’s horrible and unreal and we can’t seem to stop crying since we took her to the doctor on Wednesday.  Bennett and I are just heart broken.

We’ve noticed a big slow-down in her recently but thought that it was because she is a little overweight and getting older.  Maeby has always been an old soul and a “people” type dog, where she’d rather be by our side than run around and explore things.  Less active than others but very sweet and kind and amazing.

When we we returned from Indiana, Bennett noticed some lumps on her throat.  Big, golf ball sized lumps.  I tried to not Dr. Google it but figured that she was having an allergic reaction to something…as most of the time dogs internalize their fevers, colds, etc.

Nope.  Not this time.  My worst fears came true.  Her lymph nodes are swollen ALL OVER her body.

Our doctor isn’t clear on a timeline but we are bracing ourselves for the worst. 

It’s not fate or luck or something we can find reason in.  Sometimes we are dealt shitty hands and we have to play them the best we can.  So we are loving on her, caring for her and keeping her comfortable.  Because it’s all we can do.