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All We Need is Love 2014

Katy McKinleyComment

Remember those letters we painted the other day?  Well they were finally installed on Saturday, along with other decorations for Ohio Valley Young Preservationists’ “All We Need is Love” campaign.  Wahoo!

We have really amazing friends.  It was FOURTEEN degrees on Saturday, which is basically one of the temperatures where you will never find me outside.  Especially not for a long period of time.  But sure enough, there were six of us (and poor little freezing Louis for whom we built a blanket fort) out there, freezing our appendages off – all in the name of The Friendly City and it’s beautiful buildings.  I’m fairly certain I was the only person constantly whining about how cold I was too.  Most things being hung required dexterity that you couldn’t have without removing your gloves.  And 14-degrees is really freaking cold for no gloves.  (Now that’s out of my system, let me tell you about what we actually did.)

Ohio Valley Young Preservationists (OVYP) is a group of really awesome people.  And that group of really awesome people cares a lot about the history of our really awesome city.  Wheeling is filled with rich, historic value that goes well beyond what I can even comprehend at times.  The main motivation of OVYP and it’s members is to create a new hype for Wheeling’s history.  They’re trying to take old and forgotten buildings/landmarks and encourage the people in this area to repurpose them (not tear them down!) into something that will create a bit more community value.

The All We Need is Love campaign is a great representation of OVYP’s motivation.  This is the second year that they’ve adopted buildings throughout town to decorate and “lovescape” for Valentine’s Day, in hopes of calling attention to these gorgeous structures.

Team McKinley’s adopted building was the Fort Henry Club.  There was a recent threat that the building would be torn down but McKinley & Associates (an a/e firm that I happen to work at) totally became White Knights and swooped in to do some saving.  It’s a beautiful building that needs a little work but it holds a lot of history within it’s stone walls and I’m really thankful that MKA was able to keep it as a part of Wheeling’s downtown.  Right now, it sits empty…but we are hoping to draw some interest in this beautiful location for small businesses, boutiques, law firms, restaurants or even apartments in the upper floors.  Really anything.  It’s owned by an a/e firm – we can make it happen people!

My main focus for decorations was this: Make it as pink, purple and red as possible.

We did alright, I’d say.  And to make sure everything would be weather-proof, most of the items were made out of a plastic tablecloth.  Did you know that basically anything you can make out of tissue paper can be made out of a plastic tablecloth?  Now you do!

I’m totally in love with how the decorations turned out.  Everyone that helped out with all steps of the process is owed a beer by Bennett and me.  (Be sure to take us up on our offer, people!)

A Channel 9 reporter saw us decorating and covered us on the news Saturday evening.  I might decide to share it, but I’m rather embarrassed by my interview.  I usually walk away from them feeling like I did horribly and they end up being okay.  This time around, I felt that I did really well on my interview…but when it aired, I basically wanted to crawl into a hole.  I looked a mess, I giggled and I blurted something super corny out.  They get any information that I gave them correct and left out the good parts of the interview.  Only the embarrassing stuff.  MORTIFIED.

There were 30-ish buildings in total that were ‘lovescaped’ over the weekend.  We stopped by a couple to snap some shots but we were ready to get home and thaw ourselves out at that point.  Yes, I’m still whining about the cold.  I’m thinking Bennett, Louis and I will do a tour around town sometime this week to check out the rest.  I’m looking forward to it.

Pssstt!  Hi, Jenny Brown shared some awesome pictures of their 8-Bit yarn heart installation over on her blog.  Check it out because it’s amazing and now I want a giant crocheted heart on my wall.  Hook me up, JB!