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Worrying.  We took Maeby to the vet last night.  I don’t know what we thought we were going to hear but it just felt better to have her looked at.  Her breathing is becoming really fast and labored.  Lots of panting.  We were concerned that she was actually having trouble breathing because the lymph nodes on her neck went from being four golf balls to one giant mass.  The doctor said that she’s not in distress and most likely it’s caused by the medication we have her on…on top of her condition.  That she’s fine, as fine as she can be.  No decisions to be made yet, just keep her comfortable and give her lots of love.

Swooning.  Over this new pattern that Sew Caroline just released.  I may have already purchased the pattern.  And I think I might make about 10,000 variations of it.  I just need to get the rest of my current sewing list finished (ha!) and to go shopping for a some sweet jersey fabrics.  Can’t wait!

Out and About Dress // SewCaroline.com

Watching.  Bennett and I are finally getting around to finishing Season 1 of House of Cards.  Holy crap.  Obviously it’s a dramatized version of life on the Hill but….holy crap.  So good. 

Waiting.  For spring to come.  Yes for the warmer weather, but mostly because I need some farmers market shopping in my life.  I miss our Saturday morning trips to the market to see our farming friends.

Planning.  Louis’ first Valentine’s Day at school will be this year.  And not that we really celebrate (or really even acknowledge) the holiday too much in our house, I am super excited to make V-Day cards with Lou to pass out to his classmates.  I have an idea in my head that I think will be super cute.  Considering it’s the 11th, I should probably get rolling…

Melting. Over this picture of Louis and Bennett.  Random moments while I’m at work, a photo like this pops up on my phone.  And I melt every single time.  These two are basically the glue that holds me together.  It’s doesn’t hurt that they’re insanely handsome too.

bennett and louis

Enjoying. More and more moments of ‘date nights’ with Bennett.  I’m still horrible at leaving Louis, even if it’s just for an hour with his Grandma so we can go catch a bite to eat.  And we basically chat about Louis the entire time.  But that one-on-one time between the two of us is really nice.