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Jill + Justin

Katy McKinleyComment

This past Saturday, the McKinley trio headed to Scottdale, PA to watch Jill and Justin tie the knot.  It feels like yesterday that I went to Jill's bridal shower.  Hard to believe that her wedding day has already come and gone!!

The location was stunning.  Seriously.  It was a photographer's dream.  There were old brick buildings EVERYWHERE and the reception hall had exposed brick walls and twinkly lights all over the place.  It was gorgeous.  

Please tell me that everyone else dresses their families to color coordinate when they go places.  Because I sure do.  I love having a photo opportunity with my handsome guys.  Not sure why we didn’t have Bennett jump in shots with us…he looked might dashing as well.

How I missed out on the cake/cupcake situation, I do not know.  But I just may never forgive myself.  By the looks of that icing, I can imagine they were to die for.  Come on Katy, number one rule at at wedding: Eat. That. Cake!

I have to tell you, Louis is a dance maniac.  We always knew this in our home setting but I wasn’t sure how he’d do at a wedding with a dance floor full of people.  I should have known he’d be shaking his booty all night.  It was adorable.

It was really nice to reunite with my girls again.  Jill, Kat and I were all roomies at one point during our time at WVU.  We got into trouble together, laughed together, cried together, grew together…things I wouldn’t take back for anything.  Love you girls!

It was also really  nice to see this guy.  Casey was introduced to us three girls during our dorm days, in Dadisman Hall.  We lived on a co-ed floor and Casey’s room was the first boys’ room next to ours…and we spent a lot of time with him and the rest of the crew, equally getting into trouble and mothering them when they needed it.  Haha.  Oh the dorms.

We were honored to be able to celebrate the newlyweds.  The wedding was beautiful.  Jill “looked like a princess” to Louis…and she made a gorgeous princess at that.  The people were all great to meet and spend time with.  And I of course loved seeing Jill’s family again and giving bear hugs to her Grandmas and Momma.

Congratulations, you two!  And like I tell everyone else…you are technically a  newlywed for the next full year.  Milk it for all it’s worth. :)