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My Favs on Thursdays | iPad Apps for Kids

Katy McKinleyComment

Today I’m linking up with Nicole and Meghan for another Thursday of favorites.  Yahoo!

Sometimes I feel really ashamed at the amount of technology time Louis gets at his ripe age.  Between the TV and “his” iPad, there is a lot of screen time for him.  The thing is…he gets a TON of outdoor and play/imagination time with us and other little ones so it’s really not that big of a deal.  Parent guilt still consumes me.

The iPad apps for his age group are awesomesauce.  Minus a few that we try and hide from him because they’re mind-numbing, the majority of them are highly educational.  Here are a few of his favorites right now:



Endless Numbers (FREE): Louis loves numbers and counting and this is perfect for him.  It’s helping to teach addition with cute little monsters and lots of noises to keep him interested.  1-5 is free, there are in-app purchases so you can unlock extra numbers…which we did and I don’t regret.




Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic ($3.99): This is one of the few shows on Nick Jr. that Louis watches any more, so of course he’s going to love having this character on his iPad.  He plays games and learns about letters and words while hanging out with his favorite characters from the show.




Wild Kratts World Adventure ($2.99): If you haven’t watched this show on PBS yet (or Netflix like us) you probably should.  It’s great and teaches kiddos all about the different creatures from all over the world.  It’s cute, silly and informative…just like the app.


I wish I were sharing some that were more on the free side but apparently Louis has expensive taste.  That…or the free apps have way too many ads that he pushes all of the time that takes him to download pages for other dumb free apps and I can’t stand it.  I’d much rather pay for an educational one than deal with ads and less educational things.  To each his own.

Do you have any favorites that we need to check out?