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Learning.  [Studying] photos of other bloggers and sewists that I admire.  I am sewing about 10,000 times more and I want to be able to show my work.  Which means I need to learn how to take a good picture of myself and that work…without being crazy awkward in front of the camera.  I feel like this can only come with time and lots of practice.  For example…no more pictures like this:


Making.  Room in our closets.  I’ve been trying to go through all of our ridiculous amounts of clothing for a massive purge.  Louis grows too quickly, so there’s that.  But Bennett and I have this habit of holding onto things that we will never wear.  And I have this habit of making a million more shirts and skirts and pants for myself than I actually need.  So it’s been a long, slow process but I’m trying to minimize our closets.  It’s embarrassing how many clothes we have as a threesome.

Loving. Louis’ never ending interest in the things Bennett and I do.  He always wants to help and participated in all of our ventures.  Giving him his own camera was one of the better ideas we’ve had.  He doesn’t take pictures as often as we do, but he grabs his camera and takes pictures alongside us all of the time.  I adore it.


Reading.  Stop the presses.  I’ve taken up reading again.  This is huge.
I used to be a GIANT book nerd.  I read so much as a child that I never knew where we were going or how to get anywhere because my nose was in a book from Point A to Point B.  Somewhere around college, it changed and I lost my drive.  I forgot how enjoyable reading is. 

Smelling. Cleaner carpets in our house.  For now at least.  After a highway robbery from the carpet cleaning company.  Having a new dog in the house is sometimes so frustrating.  Annabelle came to us as a 3-year old pup…so that meant that she came with baggage and bad habits.  She doesn’t know how to ask to go outside and has had more accidents in the house (RIGHT IN FRONT OF US) than I care to remember.  She’s sweet but a giant pain in the ass at times.  And just when I think we have made a breakthrough, she ruins all hope.  I can’t wait until this stage is over with her.

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