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Five years.

Katy McKinley2 Comments

Five years ago, we were on these same steps saying our vows in front of everyone.  Scratch that, Bennett was saying them…I was sobbing through them.  Sad sap, this one.  I thought it might be fun to take photos in my gown and I’m mildly shocked that Bennett agreed.

So glad he did.  I love them.

IMG_4651-Edit copyIMG_4653-Edit copyIMG_4656-Edit copy

We had to belt my dress because it wouldn’t exactly stay on me.  Not sure why I timed it to happen after our nuptials (and not before the wedding) but I’ve lost 50 pounds since our big day.  The dress is many sizes larger than me…but I still love it.  It’s pretty and understated and has these gorgeous little details all over the train and bodice.  I wish I could wear it every day.

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I’m crazy lucky to have this man in my life.