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Louis Says: Chats with Siri

Katy McKinley4 Comments

Have you ever tried to explain to a 3-year old that the “person” talking back to him on the phone is not really a person?  It’s nearly impossible.  But it’s also hysterical when Louis grabs my phone and talks with Siri and asks her questions. 


Last night, he asked her over and over why a door was open in one of our rooms and kept “showing” her the door, as if Siri could see it.  He also took my phone for a walk and wanted to show Siri where he works (aka plays games on our computer while we are working) and his newly hatched butterflies.


My favorite moments were when she totally didn’t understand his toddler way of speaking and would come up with crazy stuff on the web.  Or when he called her a fartbutt (which is his favorite insult most days). 


Suuuuuper Mommy Goggles happened with this video.  So don’t watch it if you’re going to get all “eye-rolling” on me.  But I find it cute and I think he’s adorable when he repeatedly asks her to be his best friend.  I get a kick out of my kiddo, what can I say?