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My Favs on Thursdays | Jamberry

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Another Thursday of Favorites is coming at you…linked up with the super sweet Nicole and Meghan.  Please share your favs in the comments below if you want to join us!

I try and avoid being a part of trends.  It’s expensive and I don’t like to do the things that “everybody is doing”, especially in fashion related stuff.  By the time I’m convinced the trend is worth checking out, it’s not cool anymore.  Which is okay by me, I guess.  I blame this on my Momma.  She would never let us buy the name brand things growing up and I should probably thank her as Adult Katy for the money I haven’t spent on stupid crap.

Well, I hate to say it but Jamberry Nail Strips have sucked me in.  Shoot.  I’m trendy.


I’ve never been a nail polish girl.  Mostly because I ruin my paintjob within minutes of having it applied.  I’m impatient and never let them fully dry.  I’ve got things to do!  When I do actually let them dry properly, a manicure only lasts about a day with me.

I work with my hands.  A lot.

I’m no carpenter or [insert labor intensive industry position here] but I am a crafter and a maker.  And I’m always using my fingernails to mark things, peel things, pack things, etc.  I’m a mani’s worth enemy.  Jamberry strips actually stick around long enough for it to be worth the effort of applying them.

These pictures were taken today and I put these babies on my mistreated hands five days ago.  Minimal wear and tear…especially compared to what actual polish would look like at this point.  I’m pretty satisfied…plus I have so much more use out of the strips that I was given that I can have like eight-bazillion manicures with what I ordered.  And pedicures.  I should probably not show my feet in public until I get my toes taken care of.  Yikes.

Jamberry didn’t ask me to write about them.  Heck, they don’t even know who I am.  I just am sharing this for the same reason I share anything: I like the product.  Go get your own set of jams here: www.jamberrynail.net or find someone who is a consultant.  I’ve been invited to like four online parties by my friends, so I can guarantee you know someone who knows someone.


And now, for no reason related to this post, I’m going to share a picture of my latest sewing endeavors.  I’ve seen this fox fabric about a million times in my Instagram feed and I finally bought some up so I could make myself a new dress.  And pockets, of course.

I was having Bennett take pictures of my nails, so I asked him to snap one of my dress too.  It’s at least a better image than the mirror-selfies I snap before work every morning.  Am I right?

Don’t worry.  I won’t be quitting my day job to become a model.  Or a hand model.  Promise.