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Independence Day 2014

Katy McKinleyComment

Happy 4th a few days late!


We had a little excitement in our little family and it threw everything into a temporary tailspin.  Bennett was having chest pains on Wednesday and we were told to take him straight into the ER to get him checked out.  I’ve never had such fast service in the emergency room before.  Apparently they really don’t mess around with chest pains.

They checked him out, declared that it wasn’t a heart attack (thank freaking god) but wanted to hold him overnight for observation.  We first went in around 11am on Wednesday.  At dinner time on Thursday, he was finally released.  We still aren’t exactly sure what is wrong or how it happened but I’m glad Bennett is home.  He is okay and it’s getting better every day.  But he’s still needing to take it a little easier than normal.

I don’t know what I’d do without this guy in my life.  Hopefully this all works itself out.


Because Bennett had created enough excitement for us, we decided to have a really low-key celebration on Friday.  Normally, Bennett goes fireworks shopping and comes home with an outrageous amount of things to blow up (and have me nag him endlessly about).  This year, we just dug into our stash of leftovers from years past.  Mostly it included sparklers.  There were also some bottle rockets that were performing at subpar levels because they were so old. 


David, Meredith and the kiddos came over later in the afternoon and had some extras for us to play with.  Louis was happy as pie to be around his cousins and we enjoyed the extra family time as well.  Sparklers and fountain fireworks are more my speed so I was happy to watch them.  Where we sit in the valley, we were able to hear/see so many other home-fireworks shows so that was fun.  No need to do it ourselves!


I know, I know.  You’re probably really jealous of my sparkler writing skills.
What can I say?  I’m a natural.


Happy birthday, America!  Hopefully everyone had a happy, safe, family-filled holiday!