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Party on the Patio.

Katy McKinley2 Comments

Last night was stupid amounts of fun.

This was the last “First Friday” that would also include a Party on the Patio at Wesbanco Arena…so we of course headed there to listen to live music.

I, of course, didn’t bring the flash for my camera so all of the pictures are slightly grainy/blurry.  Such is life.  We still had tons of fun and really enjoyed the music.  Louis was a dance machine again, breaking it down for all of Wheeling to see.  He even invited me to dance with him at points…which doesn’t always happen.  The kiddo likes to shake it on his own terms and I feel like sometimes I just don’t dance to his level.

Fire and Slice is a traveling performance group that has been in Wheeling twice this year so far.  I didn’t even know they were going to be there so it was nice that I got to check them out.  It’s a show of two girls playing with sharp objects and fire…things that you’d never want to try and home yourself and you watch with one eye open and cringing in the event that something might actually go wrong. 

They’ve obviously done this before and nothing went wrong in the slightest.  But seeing someone cut an apple off of another person’s chest while using a machete is a little nerve wracking.  Just saying.  Louis seemed to really like the fire show a lot.  He snuggled up next to some the kids that were there and loved every second of it.

After, we went down to the Heritage Port and played with a new photography toy/tool of Bennett’s.  He Kickstarted a company that was making an item called a “Pixelstick”.  Which is essentially a long stick with lights along it that can create some really awesome long exposure photos.  Like these:


Kinda fun, right?

I know Bennett really enjoyed being able to share and test out new things with the Pixelstick.  I’m pretty sure all of our friends had fun with it too.  I just liked being out of the house, in such a beautiful location of our great city, while surrounded by such an awesome group of people.  I would totally repeat last night all over again if given the chance.