Wild & Wanderful

Super Louis Returns.

Katy McKinleyComment

It’s been a long time since Louis has donned his cape and mask and became the super wonder that is Super Louis.  He used to seriously wear this EVERYWHERE we went.  At all times.  The only time he would take it off is to bathe and sometimes that was even a fight.

There was even a point where Louis wouldn’t call Bennett and me by our proper parental names.  He would simply refer to us as Iceman and Firestar and we would participate in a 24/7 roleplaying of our super alter egos.

We played along because we knew there was no harm in it.  And that he’d eventually not want to do it anymore.  There are far worse things for a toddler to do than to pretend to be super human while protecting his family from bad guys.  I mean, really.

Super Louis made a triumphant (but brief) return on Saturday.  It’s nice to know that we still have a super hero waiting in the shadows, always watching.  Always protecting.  Always there when we need him.

I seriously cannot get enough of this sweet child.  Some days it feels like he’s growing up so quickly right in front of my eyes.  And then he will pull out this moment of pure blissful childlike play.  It’s refreshing to know that we’ve still got a fun-loving, playful, creative, nutso child for quite some time.  Because I’m not ready to let go of Super Louis completely.

Thank you for coming to my aid and fighting against the Bad Piggies, Super Louis.  Those few minutes of playing outside with you and pretending to be Firestar again was just what I needed.