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DIY Cross-Stitched Captain America Hoodie

kiddo diyKaty McKinley2 Comments

The thing I really like about certain medias is that they can cross over into something else easily.  While browsing Pinterest a while back, I saw this awesome pattern for a beaded friendship bracelet that made a little Captain America dude.

Lightning struck.  I was going to turn it into a cross-stitched piece of clothing for Louis.  And so I did.  And you can too!

You can find the pattern that I used here on Friendship-Bracelets.net.  The only thing I did differently was outline the entire guy, instead of using black stitches all the way around it.  You can do whatever you’d like though.  I’m not bossy.  (Don’t verify that with anyone that actually knows me.)

To put cross-stitching onto shirts, you really only need to get yourself some waste canvas (found at any JoAnns/Walmart/etc) and some sort of sew-in interfacing.  If you're stitching on anything that has the teeniest bit of stretch (tshirts, etc) interfacing is a must.  It helps stabilize what you're sewing and make your finished product actually last wear after wear....and wash after wash.

Trust me, your fingers will probably hate you by the end of this.  But I super loved the results.

I normally wouldn’t share what the back of my stitching looks like with people.  Only because I let it all hang out and be messy with it.  Those of you who are capable of keeping a clean back on their needlework are wizards.  No doubt.

I basically adore the results of this hoodie.  Adore.  

Louis, on the other hand….


There’s a slight chance I might have to gift this to someone.  It took bribing him with chocolate to get him to let me take pictures.  He refused to smile…only giving me an over-the-top dramatic pout.  And then as soon as I took the entire THREE photos he would let me, he cried until I took it off of him.  Some days, I tell ya.

 But hey.  Cute shirt, right?