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Etsy Love :: The Incredible Hulk

Katy McKinley1 Comment


St. Patrick's Day is all about green things, yes?  Why not celebrate the ultimate green thing: The Incredible Hulk. 

I can't decide what my favorite Hulk find on Etsy was today.  No wait, I can.  It's the dress.  It's so many shades of awesome, I don't even know where to begin.  It comes from the shop: Lynns Rags.  Her entire store is full of things I adore: geeky clothes in cute styles.  I want one of everything.

Our household is  severely lacking in the oven mitt department and I feel like this Hulk fist needs to make it's way into our home soon.  Obvi the pillowcase and art print as well.  I love them all.  I'd be walking a bit of thin ice with Bennett and Louis though...because I'd most likely be yelling "HULK SMASH!!!" every time I saw any of these items.  I'm just that cool.